Building boom drives record demand for network connections

The following information was provided by Energy Queensland

As record numbers of Queenslanders apply to connect to the electricity network, Energex and Ergon Energy are working to get the power on sooner to new sub-divisions, homes and businesses.  

Executive General Manager Customer Michael Dart said housing industry representatives had provided valuable feedback that would help simplify and expedite the connection process during a construction boom.   

“We have received more than 250,000 connection applications in Queensland since July 2020, off the back of a housing boom fuelled by Government stimulus, low interest rates and interstate migration.  

“Last year subdivision applications in regional Queensland increased to more than 6700 lots compared to less than 2000 lots in 2020.  

“As the demand for new connections hit an all-time high, our workforce has been impacted by COVID-19 and responded to multiple severe weather events. This has led to some delays that we are working to overcome through a range of initiatives based on the experiences of developers, builders and new home buyers,” he said. 

Mr Dart said key priorities included improving communication, expanding the team dedicated to connections and streamlining processes to make it easier for customers and to ensure consistency across the state.

“We know our customers value consistent advice and timely connections, whether they are developing housing estates, building new homes or planning to move in, and there is always room for improvement.  

“It’s important to understand that when you apply for a connection the estimated date you are given initially is based on the information available at the time and is subject to change, for better or worse.  

“While we strive to get the power connected as soon as practically possible, timeframes can be impacted by a range of factors, including the complexity of any design and construction required, third party approvals, geographical location, our broader program of work in the area and the weather,” he said.  

While the construction sector works through its own challenges to meet the demand, including supply chain issues and skills shortages, Energex and Ergon are committed to doing their bit to ease the pressure.

“We all benefit from the collaborative approach and we’ll continue to work with our customers to meet their expectations and the required timeframes.

“We have 2.3 million connected customers across Queensland and we look forward to supporting further growth at an exciting time for the Sunshine State,” Mr Dart said.  

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