The Property Council has lodged formal submissions on the mandatory provisions for Neighborhood Design and the Gold Coast City Plan Amendments.

Walkable Neighbourhoods

The Property Council provided feedback to the State Government’s ‘Creating healthy and active communities: revised mandatory provisions for neighbourhood design’, generally supporting the revised mandatory provisions.

The model code for Neighbourhood Design aims to encourage Queenslanders to be more active and healthier by mandating the provision of basic amenities as such as footpaths, enhanced street connectivity and trees for shade.

The latest round of consultation relates to the implementation of the mandatory provisions.

The Property Council supports the intent of the mandatory provisions but is concerned about when and how the provisions would be imposed by local government. It is important that the provisions are implemented in a timely manner to provide clarity on how they relate to existing approvals, infrastructure agreements and structure plans.

If you would like to find out more about the model code for neighbourhood design, please click here.

If you would like to view the Property Council’s latest submission on the mandatory provisions, please click here.

 ‘Our City Our Plan’ Amendments

The Property Council has provided a response to the latest round of consultation on the Gold Coast City Plan.

This consultation follows the previous submission the Property Council provided during the first round of consultation. Feedback in the latest submission relates to the 11 changes in the amendments package.

In particular, the Property Council’s submission focuses on:

  • Site cover and set back provision changes
  • The mandatory provision for below ground car parking
  • How the plan will accommodate population growth

The Property Council is looking forward to continuing to consult with the Gold Coast City Council on future growth and development strategies such as the upcoming broad review into greenfield supply.

To view the Property Council’s submission on the ‘Our City, Our Plan’ Amendments, please click here.