The Property Council has lodged a formal submission in response to the Queensland Energy Legislation Review – Options Paper.

The Property Council initially responded to the first stage of the Queensland Energy Legislation Review in 2018 and has now formally lodged a submission in response to stage two - options paper.

In the submission, the Property Council placed support behind measures that would assist Queensland in adapting to a diverse and rapidly evolving industry, provide clear rules for operators and regulators, to better align with applied national laws and remove duplicity where appropriate.

The options paper contained proposals to modernise Queensland’s state energy laws and was supported by detailed regulatory impact statements. The options paper was structured around the below key topics:  

1. Purpose of state energy laws

2. Energy efficiency and demand management

3. Interactions with other laws

4. Licensing

5. Powers of entry and resumption

6. Technical requirements

7. Price control

8. Dispute resolution

9. Customer protections

10. Emergency powers

11. Offences and enforcement

For more information about the Review of Queensland’s Energy Legislation – Options Paper please visit the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy’s website.

To view the submission please click on the link below. 
Energy Legislation Review
(Adobe PDF File)