Guidance to support drafting a planning scheme

The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning has produced two pieces of guidance to assist planning drafters in making or amending an existing planning scheme.

Drafting a planning scheme – Guidance for local governments aims to deliver outcome-based planning schemes that:

  • can respond to changing circumstances over time and embrace innovation and opportunity
  • enable development proposals to be made and considered on their merits – assessed against their ability to deliver on and enhance the outcomes intended for the area
  • are clear and objective, providing certainty for the community and industry about intended outcomes and what complies and what does not.

Integrating building work in planning schemes – Guidance for local governments document is designed to:

  • help local government understand what building matters a planning scheme should or should not deal with, and where a planning scheme has a role in ‘triggering’ building provisions, how to do so correctly
  • provide certainty on the role of development and building assessment and avoid the risk of duplication.

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