Gold Coast consults again on City Plan amendments

A second round of consultation is being undertaken on proposed amendments to the Gold Coast City Plan.

The changes aim to incorporate feedback from the first round of consultation. Major changes from the amendments proposed during the initial round of consultation have been made in the following areas:

  • Height and Density
  • Built form and Urban Design
  • Targeted growth areas
  • Growth and diversification of employment
  • Environmental mapping
  • Land use changes and alignment approvals

The Property Council made a previous submission on proposed amendments to the Gold Coast City Plan during the first round of consultation last year. The submission provided advice on the following areas:

  • Re-evaluating proposed amendments mandating below ground car parking
  • Considering the impact of proposed site cover and set back provision changes
  • Considering the proposed reduction in building heights in the light rail corridor
  • Developing an economic assessment and development feasibility analysis on the impact of proposed provisions
  • Continuing to develop amendments to proposed greenfield investigation areas
  • Opposing proposed changes that may impact The Spit Master Plan

The Property Council will provide more feedback on the amendments during the second round of consultation.

If you would like to find out more about the proposed amendments or provide feedback, please click here.