Property Council responds to Ipswich Statement of Proposal

The Property Council has provided feedback to the New Ipswich Planning Scheme – Statement of Proposals. The document marks the first step in creating the new Ipswich Planning Scheme.

Within the submission, the Property Council has highlighted a number of issues for further consideration. The main points from the submission are outlined below:

Strategic Framework
Feedback supports the direction of the plan as it aligns with the Advance Ipswich Plan, which sets out the desired settlement pattern, centres hierarchy and employment areas.

Valuable features and development constraints

The Statement of Proposals has added several new constraints to the new scheme, including Bushfire Risk Areas and the latest flood mapping data. When these features and constraints are overlaid the picture shows a heavily constrained area. The submission has called for clear policies, outlining the ultimate land use outcomes that Council is aiming to achieve.


Due to a significant amount of land being captured within the Environment Management Precinct, the Property Council has recommended that constraints be dealt with through an environmental overlay with the underlying zoning remaining as residential.

The Property Council has also raised concerns about a significant amount of large lot residential land within the Statement of Proposal, which could be better utilised to increase housing supply, and help meet dwelling targets outlined in ShapingSEQ.

Local Area Frameworks

The submission welcomes the Local Area Frameworks but noted these need to reflect existing structure plans in established master planned communities.

Density and Dwelling Targets

Feedback encouraged Council to clearly articulate the desired density for precincts within the New Ipswich Planning Scheme. We are concerned that there are very limited opportunities for development in low-density areas.

Master Planned Communities

Feedback also highlighted the need for Council to ensure the right policy settings are achieved to ensure that master planned communities will develop in accordance with corresponding structure plans.

The Property Council’s full submission can be downloaded below.