Ipswich city council seeks experts to help with development decisions

Ipswich City Council is seeking nominations from planning, design and technical experts interested in forming part of a new Independent Decision Review Panel.

The formation of the panel was endorsed earlier this year and is part of changes aimed at increasing transparency around how council determines development applications.

The Independent Decision Review Panel will be required to periodically review recommendations made by council planning officers. The panel’s recommendations will go to full council for consideration to assist with the decision-making process.

The depoliticisation of planning decisions in Queensland has been a long-term advocacy priority for the Property Council. The Queensland Division played an integral role in Ipswich City Council’s decision to introduce an Independent Decision Review Panel. In 2018 we commissioned a research report which details how Development Assessment Panels are successful in separating politics from the assessment process, increase transparency and garners greater community support.

The Property Council encourages members to have a look at the tender documents and to consider applying. Quality, expert assessment is critical to the development application process. The new panel will play a welcome role in ensuring strategic and significant proposals are assessed by practitioners with best practice planning, technical and design principles central to decision making.

Those interested in registering can access the tender documents for tender 13980 at lgtenderbox.com.au

Submissions must be made through LG Tender Box by 2pm on 22 October, 2019.

For more information please visit the Ipswich City Council website.