Brisbane City Council adopts Infrastructure Charges Resolution

Brisbane City Council has adopted Brisbane Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.8) 2019, which increases infrastructure charges for development approvals from 1 July 2019.

The key changes are outlined below:

•             An increase in Council's infrastructure charges in alignment with the Planning Regulation 2017.

•             Clarifying how the current market value of required land is to be calculated.

•             The option to process recalculation of an establishment cost for required land.

•             Process improvements to support requests for a refund relating to a trunk infrastructure contribution.

The Property Council encourages industry members, who have received a development approval on or from 1 July 2019, to download a copy of Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.8) 2019, to see how their developments will be affected.

A summary of the changes can be viewed here.