Switching on Darwin project

The Switching on Darwin project is a $10M project, jointly funded through three levels of government – Australian Government, Northern Territory of Government and City of Darwin.

The Switching on Darwin project is the first component of a longer-term #SmartDarwin Strategy, delivering a range of innovative technologies to commence Darwin on its Smart City journey. 

The Switching on Darwin project includes installation of:

  • 912 Smart LED lights and a Smart City Platform to control dynamic lighting
  • 138 CCTV cameras to provide data on vehicle and pedestrian movement
  • 250 Smart parking sensors
  • 24 Microclimate and environmental sensors
  • Extended Wi-Fi network 
  • Wayfinding signage 

All of these smart technologies bring benefits to City of Darwin and the broader community including:

  • Enhanced community safety
  • Improved service delivery; ability to plan future infrastructure and services based on current data and new technologies
  • Reduced energy consumption and subsequently, costs to deliver services
  • Improved understanding of environmental factors and the ability to capture data relating to the environment
  • Innovation – new data sets available to the community and business sector to support citizen engagement, unlock innovation and create new business opportunities
For more information please visit the City of Darwin website.