Planning Commission Workshop

On the 19th September the Planning Commission held a Mixed Use Workshop involving industry groups, local government and other stakeholders.

The workshop was aimed to review certain design criteria in parts of the NT Planning Scheme. The review was focused mainly on Zones MR (Medium Density Residential) HR (High Density Residential and Zone C (Commercial)

The NTPC has recently undertaken extensive consultations around land use planning in the Territory and a common theme raised by residents and industry groups alike has been building design, particularly in our higher density residential and commercial/ mixed use zones.

Many of the attendees expressed that the NTPS is too rigid and incapable of applying to demographic and locational differences throughout the Territory. It was raised that the NTPS should be modified to allow individual site and location exploration that would ultimately guide planning applications and approvals.

Many of the attendees called to have a Design Review Board as opposed to the Development Consent Authority which may result in better management of design and suitability to street / district and location.

Other items discussed were environmental influences and the impact such as noise, heat, pollution etc.

Overall the feedback had a strong emphasis about the NT Planning Scheme’s effectiveness in regulating good and appropriate building design. The consideration that everything outside the buildings such as nearby parks, streetscapes, open spaces and the environment (vehicles, noise etc.) was paramount to good planning, design and living.