Member Spotlight: How Extiro is rocking the traditional recruitment model to deliver top quality candidates in the property sector

Like all good ideas, this one started with a friendly chat between neighbours over the back fence. Enquiries about gardens, family and paint colours morphed into business, and the endless struggle to find great people with the right skills when you need them. One neighbour

had the model that would solve his new friend’s recruitment woes, but he’d need the other’s deep industry knowledge.

A year on and that friendly neighbourly chat is now an active business offering a revolutionary model for finding and engaging skilled property professionals. But why was it necessary?

Recruitment has seen very little change in the past 30 years. Sure, advertisements have moved from print to digital jobs boards, and CVs are PDFs rather than soft copies, but aside from this, the process is unchanged (the fees, on the other hand, have continued to rise).

There are some excellent operators out there, but the recruitment industry as a whole relies on call volumes, ‘hit and hope’ distribution of CVs, and often sneaky manipulation of candidate’s and employer’s perceptions of one another to just get the deal across the line.

What businesses and good employees want is simple – high quality candidates presented in a format that clearly and accurately showcases their career history and skillset.

In property, this means understanding the number and size of projects the candidates have worked on, in which sectors, who for, and what their responsibilities were. This is something that an industry-specific, user-friendly technology platform can deliver seamlessly – it just needed a couple of chatty neighbours to build it.

Extiro is built and managed by construction project leaders for their industry. Our technology platform allows businesses to post jobs that reach the right audience because we understand who you’re looking for.

For skilled project and construction professionals, it is a custom-designed platform to facilitate the showcase of your skills to a broad network of businesses or projects.

Finding great people and accessing great work opportunities doesn’t need to be as painful as the recruitment industry has made it. It just needed someone to take the leap and invest in a better way. Extiro is that better way.

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