Federal Election Overview

Following the results of the 2019 Federal Election held on 18 May, the Coalition Government has been returned with Scott Morrison as Prime Minister of Australia. With the final votes and seats still to be finalised, it is expected that the Government will most likely hold a majority government, however there is a chance of a minority government. The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has advised of his intention to step down from the Labor leadership.

On a regional level, the seat of Cunningham has seen the return of Labor’s Sharon Bird as local member with 47.1% of the vote and a swing of -0.8%. The Liberal Party’s Chris Atlee won 30.7% of the vote, the Green’s Rowan Huxtable 15% and United Australia’s Grace Younger gaining 3.7% of votes. 

In the seat of Whitlam, Stephen Jones retains his seat holding 49.4% of the votes and a swing of -3.3%. This was followed by the Nationals who gained 25.5% of the votes, the Green’s Jamie Dixon with 8.9% and United Australia’s Angelo Cuda with 8.7% of votes.

Lastly, in the seat Gilmore we have seen a close battle with Labor’s Fiona Phillips winning this seat gaining 36.7% of the vote and a swing of -2.6%. The Liberal Party’s Warren Mundine received 28.7% of the vote with a swing of -16.5%, followed by the National’s Katrina Hodgkinson with 12.9%, the Green’s Carmel McCallum with 9.6% and Independent Grant Schultz gaining 7.1% of the votes.

Over the coming months, we look forward to engaging with our local members and working with them to continue championing our region.