All signs pointing to a stronger Perth CBD

[2 June 2022]
The CBD bustle is back, and businesses are ready to celebrate.  That is the sentiment Sandra Brewer, Property Council WA, Executive Director, Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas and over 70 industry leaders will be carrying into today’s celebration to conclude the CBD VIP campaign and award the grand prize to winner, Dave Cahill. 

The campaign which ran over the month of May awarded four weekly winners and a grand prize winner a share in over $65,000 worth of prizes, donated by Property Council members, the State Government and the City of Perth.  

According to the Property Council, the campaign represented a shared vision to support the CBD to rebound from the drop in visitation experienced at the start of the year, with COVID-19 and restrictions negatively impacting the numbers of workers and visitors to the CBD. 

“The CBD VIP campaign represented a shared commitment by the State Government, the City of Perth and businesses in the Property Council’s membership to encourage a strong CBD return. 

“The CBD contributes over $80 billion dollars to our Western Australian economy and is home to 16 per cent of the state's jobs. 

“Supporting our city to continue to thrive as a bustling centre of commerce and innovation will drive the future success of our economy. The success of the CBD VIP campaign is a clear demonstration of our collective belief in the inherent value of the Perth CBD,Ms Brewer said. 

The success of the campaign in driving an increase in CBD activity is reflected in the Property Council office occupancy data, released today, which shows occupancy levels in May returning to 63 per cent compared with pre-COVID levels - an 18 per cent increase in occupancy compared to March 2022, where levels reached a two year low of 45 per cent 

“Perth’s occupancy rate has held steady throughout the pandemic, with an average occupancy rate of 71 per cent since June 2020, the highest average in the nation,” Ms Brewer continued. 

The May figures are particularly pleasing with COVID-19 case numbers peaking earlier in the month, the data clearly shows that workers want to make the most of the city experience and be with their colleagues in the office. 

“While the city is on a journey of change, and that includes flexible work, Perth is well position to leverage the positive momentum and emerge from the pandemic and thrive to become a world class metropolis,” Ms Brewer concluded.  

Comments attributed to Member for Perth John Carey: 

“COVID-19 changed the way people across the world live and work but here in WA we have had far better health, economic and community outcomes than everywhere else in Australia.  

“It’s terrific to see Perth’s CBD come back to life as more city workers return to the office - and to our bars, shops and restaurants. 

“I’m confident the CBD will bounce back stronger than ever, but we all need to do our bit. I would urge everyone to get into Perth and experience what the city has to offer.” 

Comments attributed to City of Perth Lord Mayor, Basil Zempilas: 

“Every day our city looks busier and I am encouraged by the increasing numbers of workers, shoppers and visitors returning to the city since the mask mandate was lifted. 

There are plenty of activities and events planned over the winter months and I am confident people will keep returning to the city.” 


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Percentage of pre-COVID 

Month Office occupancy 
 Jan-22  66%
 Feb-22  55%
 Mar-22  45%
 Apr-22  50%
 May-22  63%

The complete data set is available on request.