Poll reveals strong support for State Government’s economic management and infrastructure investment

Younger people more optimistic that house prices will rise in 2019

Research conducted by the Property Council reveals almost seven in 10 West Australians agree the State Government is doing a good job managing the economy, and nine in 10 believe METRONET will be good for Perth.

A poll of 841 people in December 2018 has found that people are pleased with the way the McGowan State Government is performing but are polarized on their expectations around property prices for 2019.

The survey found that confidence in the State Government’s efforts to pay down debt and invest in infrastructure was being well received. 66% of people agreed that ‘the State government is doing a good job paying down debt’, with people aged over 55 expressing 77% agreement. On the question, ‘The State Government is doing a good job managing the economy’, 68% agreed and people aged over 55 were 76% in agreement.

On METRONET and infrastructure investment, this was resoundingly supported by respondents, with 91% agreeing that, ‘METRONET (new railway lines and stations) will be good for Perth’. 58% of all people strongly agreed with this statement, with consistent support across all age groups.

Previous Property Council research has found that West Australians are happy to see a growing population, and in this survey we found that 78% of people agreed that ‘Perth is in a good position to grow due to the State government’s investment in infrastructure’.
On property prices, we asked two questions, which found a polarized result.

The first was ‘Property prices in general are likely to rise in 2019’. This met with 50:50 agreement/disagreement. 15% of people strongly agreed, 17% strongly disagreed, and 9% admitted they don’t know. Younger people were more optimistic, with 66% agreeing that property prices in general would rise next year.

Closer to home, we asked whether respondents thought their own house price would increase in 2019. Again, we found a 50:50 result with younger people more positive with 62% expressing agreement with ‘I believe the value of my home with increase in 2019’. People aged 35-54 were 50:50, and 57% of people aged over 55 disagreed that their home price would rise.

The research was conducted online by Thinkfield Research during the period December 6 – 13, 2018.