Planning reform key to innovative METRONET housing plan in WA Budget

The property industry welcomes the invitation from the WA Government to partner in the creation of higher density and more diverse housing outcomes in the proposed METRONET station precincts in metro Perth, however planning reform will be key to the plan’s success.

“The METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package announced in yesterday’s State Budget answers questions from industry about how some of the more marginal station precincts will be established with a diversity of housing options”, said Lino Iacomella, WA Executive Director, Property Council of Australia.

The innovative housing package announced is a five year program to construct 1,390 social & affordable homes in eight higher density projects in METRONET precincts, including up to 320 new social housing dwellings and an additional 400 affordable homes, and deliver a further 670 homes for full market price sale.

“Linking the Government’s public housing investment plan with METRONET and partnering with industry is a smart long-term move. 

This will provide industry with the confidence to invest in precincts where ordinarily the market is not ready to build higher density projects.

“Packaging the public/private METRONET precinct development plan in a State program will also help in creating an open dialogue with local communities about this innovative approach to achieving our infill and diverse housing objectives.

“Planning reform will be important in delivering the State’s METRONET housing package because many of the station locations are in different local authorities with different planning agendas.

“It’s crucial that the WA Government has a clear planning framework that applies to all of the precincts and ideally, the State leads the planning process in the precinct areas to ensure consistency”, said Mr Iacomella.

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