Include all station precincts in METRONET: report

The property industry is calling on the State Government to broaden the scope of METRONET to include all station precincts, not just the new lines and extensions to ensure the project delivers the housing diversity and infill targets in Perth’s strategic growth plans.

This was a key finding of a report for the Property Council by Urbis, ‘METRONET Station Precincts – An Industry Perspective on Making Them Happen’.

Property Council WA Executive Director, Lino Iacomella said METRONET offers a terrific opportunity to transform Perth and deliver infill and housing diversity in an orderly manner, and in a form that the community will accept.

“We have prepared a framework that identifies those station precinct locations that are ready to go now and those that will need extra support to ensure their future development potential is protected if they are progressed now”.   

The report makes five key recommendations:


  1. Extend the scope for METRONET precincts to the existing network and identify some key short-term development opportunities.

  2. Support the creation of a ‘new’ precinct planning governance framework where the local political landscape is preventing project delivery.

  3. Develop a framework for transitional uses where land values at station precincts do not support the ultimate development at day one. This may include methodologies for affordable housing, build to rent, leasehold, light weight construction.

  4. We need a demonstration project on how suburban station precincts can be transformed

  5. Develop partnerships with the private sector for the provision of infrastructure, amenity, mixed use, residential and employment opportunities.


“The report includes case studies of local and interstate station precinct developments.  The report found that those areas which offer the greatest potential for density are often the most resistant to change.  And the report identifies inconsistent local planning rules as a major threat to METRONET.

“We are calling for a new state government led ‘precinct’ planning system to provide the community and industry with a fair and consistent process for managing the local planning process.

“The recent announcement by the State Government to partner with local industry, through the METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package in selected locations, is a good example of the partnership approach to delivering the project’s objectives recommended in the report.

“This should be extended more widely in the METRONET plan.

"The promised Perth City Deal will be the key to bringing most of the key elements of METRONET together, including the work of Infrastructure WA, project funding and planning collaboration between governments”, said Mr Iacomella.