Call for modernisation of Local Government Act

The Property Council is calling on the State Government to reform WA’s Local Government Act to modernise the outdated laws and reduce red tape.

In the Property Council’s submission to WA Local Government Act Review we called for:

  • The different roles of council and administration to be better defined, with elected members and staff clear about what these roles are, and a recommendation that standard/model delegations be used across WA.

  • Mandated training of elected members – it is essential that each elected member has a strong understanding of matters related to the roles and functions of council, particularly their decision-making responsibilities in the context of their constituents - Councillors have a quasi-judicial role as decision-makers, they are not just an agent for the local community.

  • Changes that would strengthen the ability to review elected member conduct and for interventions to be imposed by the State Government where necessary.

  • Greater transparency of local government operations, decision making and performance – including individual council planning performance monitoring and reporting, made publicly available.

For more information about Property Council’s involvement in the review and to see our submission click here