Time for Postcode 6000 to grow inner-city Perth


It’s time to make the residential densification of the inner city a key government priority in a ‘Postcode 6000’ project, to grow and diversify the central and inner-city economy.  That is one of the top ideas in the Property Council’s latest initiatives report, ‘Big (and small) Ideas for Perth’.

“More people living in the inner-city will drive demand for retail, services, hospitality and leisure, as well as creating vibrancy and activity throughout the day and night”, said Lino Iacomella, Property Council WA Executive Director.

“Postcode 6000 would have three objectives: densify the inner-city population; create a new precinct plan for the city centre; and implement streetscape standards”.

The report found that:

  • inner city Perth is not growing fast enough, which is perpetuating a commercial character that is not conducive to residential growth;
  • new residents in greenfield areas have better access to facilities and services than those in inner city Perth. 
  • Large parts of the inner city in various local authorities do not have adequate densities to achieve higher population growth.
  • For too long, policy makers have presumed that inner city residential growth will continue to flourish due to CBD proximity alone – policy changes, new infrastructure and new initiatives are required to maintain and spur momentum.

The report listed a raft of Postcode 6000 initiatives to grow the inner-city resident population in Perth, including:

  • An all-of-government commitment to treating the inner city like a greenfield area in terms of new infrastructure coordination and facilitating growth.
  • Plot ratio and other development allowances for residential development in the CBD core and other key neighbourhoods (such as West Perth) should be significantly increased.
  • A precinct management plan with Main Street Networks and public/private sector partnerships.
  • Implement streetscape standards across the inner-city to ensure pockets of the city centre do not miss out on improvements happening in selected precincts.

The other big ideas to address the CBD’s challenges, include a new retail strategy, creating a unique brand to attract residents and tourists, forming an inner-city council of agencies and local governments, and plan for inner-city light rail.

‘Big (and small) Ideas for Perth’ was prepared for the Property Council by Urbis and TPG-Place Match.