Property industry facing diversity challenge head on

The WA property industry gathered in force this month to show their support for greater diversity in senior ranks of the industry. The 2017 Property Council of Australia Women in Property Signature lunch attracted over 500 of WA's industry leaders. Lunch guests were treated to an impassioned presentation on leading change by Carmel Hourigan Global Head of Real Estate, AMP Capital.

 Carmel  said the property industry has seen the light and is making encouraging progress when it comes to gender diversity.

 “In a world of Trump, Brexit and Nationalist policies, people are fearful of the other, which can lead to even more prejudice.

“However, the world is now smaller than ever before, due to the online world and people are so much more aware of our social responsibilities.

“Gender diversity has never been more important in an inclusive world. It is no longer acceptable to not have gender representation.

“The greatest driver of a company’s value is not what you can see but what lies beneath. It’s driven by the actions of its people.

“The companies that provided the best shareholder return are the ones with a happy, engaged and diverse workforce.

“If a culture is inclusive and encouraging of different views, those are the companies that move forward while others lag behind.

“However, there is more work to be done. It is time to hurry up history and talk about why women are not taking up senior roles in industry.

“Industry also needs to embrace the fact that diversity is a win win for both men and women.

“We must first acknowledge that archaic thoughts do still exist in our industry.

“Until we make it acceptable for men to take on traditionally female duties, through parental leave and other initiatives, then we will not normalize gender equality,” Ms Hourigan said.

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