Industry calls for vision ahead of City of Perth elections

The Property Council surveyed all candidates running in the biennial elections to get a perspective of their plans for Perth.

“As local Council biennial elections near, residents and business owners in the City of Perth need all candidates to outline a clear vision for the CBD that will drive the economy and make Perth a more vibrant and liveable city,” Property Council WA Deputy Executive Director Alix Rhodes said.

 “It is promising that we saw a commitment from all respondents to boost the city’s residential population. The most popular initiative was to increase plot ratios for residential developments in the CBD, followed by both targets and incentives to bring retirement living into the CBD.

“In a bid to tackle Perth CBD’s rising retail vacancies, 75% of respondents said they would support the provision of major plot ratio bonuses for the consolidation of sites.

“Meanwhile 50% said they would support rate holidays and the implementation of an improvement plan for the malls.

“Looking at increasing inner-city vibrancy, all respondents said they would support an inner-city recreation centre. 89% also supported a major university campus in the CBD, a money-can’t-buy event and a landmark tourism experience.

Another focus was on creating inner-city precincts to add to the vibrancy of the city by creating different points of interest throughout the city.”

“Similarly planning for infrastructure, in particular a future light rail for the CBD, was popular among respondents seeking a truly global city that is inviting, interesting and liveable.”

“When it comes to establishing a joint body of CBD stakeholders, the majority were also in favour of getting interested parties working toward the same goals.

“The City of Perth has a pivotal role to play in pushing the state’s economy forward. It is essential elected councilors are committed to job-creating development, boosting Perth’s day and night time populations and creating a vibrant and attractive social and tourist destination,” Property Council WA Deputy Executive Director Rhodes said.

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Respondents include:

Natasha Tang

Dianne Bain

Reece Harley

Michael Sutherland

Anthony Olivieri

Keith Yong

Jim Adamos

Lexi Barton

James Limnios



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