Getting the job done, and done right focus of METRONET delivery


With 18 projects to be announced in the next 12 months Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands Rita Saffioti has her sights set on getting the job done, while taking the time to avoid unintended outcomes of legislation.

Speaking at an industry lunch hosted by the Property Council of Australia, Minister Saffioti, said that the State Government is committed to delivering METRONET to create West Australian jobs, and provide development opportunities for affordable housing along transport corridors.

But the government is in no hurry to pass legislation, and would rather spend the time ensuring any new legislation delivers only the desired outcomes through thorough public and industry consultation.

For example, any legislation aimed at improving quality, must not increase construction costs, as this will have a negative impact on affordability and viability of projects.

“It is promising the see such commitment and drive from the State government to deliver positive outcomes for West Australians while involving industry and using METRONET as a catalyst for economic growth,” Property Council WA Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“It is imperative that local planning frameworks allow the creation of urban centres fed by new and redeveloped stations. Ensuring land-use opportunities are optimized, to increase residential populations is essential and will provide the perfect opportunity for local governments to meet their infill targets.

The Minister also said that Strata Reform would be passed in mid-2018, and would be a key factor in the Governments plans to address housing affordability.

“Strata Reform will facilitate future mixed-use developments that will become thriving social hubs, with housing, retail and commercial uses,” Mr Iacomella said.

 “The State Government should be commended on embracing the work originated by the Previous government, and driving the reforms forward.

“There is a real sense throughout the industry, that METRONET will deliver a raft of positive outcomes and opportunities to drive housing affordability, create jobs and drive the economy forward,” Mr Iacomella said.

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