Support for Freight Link tunnel report


The Property Council supports the findings of an independent report on the impact of tunnelling part of the Perth Freight Link road project.  The report found that the tunnelling is the best option for affected property owners. .

“The tunnel option to complete the Perth Freight Link is clearly the best outcome for the community and industry generally, and the state Government should include it in its infrastructure planning,” Property Council WA Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“An independent report found that completing the Freight Link project to Fremantle would benefit existing home owners and industry, and improve road safety by freeing up traffic congestion on key urban growth and housing infill corridors.

“The report also found that building a tunnel to complete the project would free-up land for more home building, boost property values and add more to economic growth than other alternatives.

“This is a compelling case to complete the Perth Freight Link project at a time when the property sector and the state economy is struggling.

“The Freight Link project would also add significantly to the effectiveness of a proposed freight toll, which is a much needed facility to help with future infrastructure funding in WA.

“Additionally, completing the project on the back of sound evidence such as this report would be a welcome step in fostering better infrastructure provisioning and funding in WA.

“The WA Government should subject more of its infrastructure planning to this sort of rigorous scrutiny, including into the future, a review by an independent infrastructure provisioning process.


Media contact:  Lino Iacomella  |  M  0417 501 974   |   E  [email protected]