Strata Titles and Trading Hours Reform Top Retail Industries Shopping List

Retail property experts have appealed to the State Government to reform the Strata Titles Act and Trading Hours to support and promote growth in the sector.

At the Property Council’s annual 2016 Retail Property Conference in Perth this week, the absence of community strata titles and restrictive trading hours were identified as barriers to the pipeline of shopping centre redevelopment WA is expecting.   

“In the current economic environment, WA is crying out for the massive wave of investment in shopping centre expansion and high street development to help keep the state growing. The Government needs to act to remove any obstacles to this investment,” Property Council WA Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“Bringing strata laws, such as the introduction of Community Titles, into the 21st century makes good economic sense and encourages the necessary infill that is key to ensuring the viability of shopping centre redevelopment and creation of vibrant activity centres.

“Much like our Strata Laws, our trading hours are in desperate need of more modernisation. They do not fully reflect changes in consumer behaviour, working patterns and lifestyle. Further deregulation of trading hours, including allowing shops to open earlier on Sunday, will provide more opportunity for small businesses to grow and encourage more investment in the retail sector. 

These 2 issues topped the agenda in a bumper program that included a Q & A with Perth retailer Tony Galati, owner of Spudshed, the under-supply of retail space in Perth and the global trend in retail which is seeing a greater focus on direct customer engagement.

“The WA retail world is on the cusp of major change with new retail entrants, such as Zara and Aldi, technological advancements, growth in food offerings and changing consumer preferences all representing challenges. This change brings with it great opportunities that can build strong communities, boost the state economy and keep WA growing.”