South Perth Planning Reversal a Huge Disappointment


The Property Council is very concerned and dismayed that a development approval for an apartment project, obtained after following all existing processes in South Perth, was overturned following a court action by local minority interests.

The Court decision to quash planning approval for the proposed 44-story apartment building in South Perth is a huge setback for the development of the local area and economy.

“It is very concerning that the development approval was overturned after all the existing processes in obtaining the approval were followed,” Property Council WA Deputy Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“This is bad for local businesses and the majority of people that want to invest and live in inner city areas like South Perth with all its amenities.  It is particularly concerning that local minority interests can stand in the way of the growing momentum to create more urban vitality in Perth, particularly in the inner city areas like South Perth. 

“This also has wider implications for the Perth planning system that the Property Council is very concerned about and will be raising with the local authority and the State Government as a priority. 

“The success of Elizabeth Quay shows Perth people enjoy coming to the city and nearby areas like South Perth, however we need higher density development to support these popular attractions.”



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