Perth Stadium Kicking Goals but State Infrastructure Plan Strikes Out

The successful planning of the New Perth Stadium project should be an unquestionable wake up call to the State Government that WA needs well-provisioned major infrastructure projects to accommodate our growing state.

“The stadium has excellent public links with a new train station in Belmont and it is connected to the CBD and key entertainment hubs. These amenities will service the growth in new housing in the area with an expected increase of 20,000 new dwellings,” WA Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“The New Perth Stadium project is a shining example of what can be achieved in WA but also is a huge reminder that WA desperately needs more projects like this to sustain our growing population and promote urban infill around inner city landmarks and attractions.

“The problem is the State Government has no long term plan in place for infrastructure or public transport projects, which puts off investors and ultimately hinders state development.

“As a result of the State Government having no firm infrastructure strategy, we’ve seen some projects jump the queue while others were left trailing in recent years.”

“The Perth Freight Link project is an example of much-needed infrastructure that would have benefitted from early provisioning of funding, as well as streamlining the approvals process.

 “The key to good planning and good development is greater infrastructure certainty along with a transparent assessment process for priority infrastructure projects. 

“The current draft public transport plan for Perth is five years old. In the meantime there has been a raft of differing versions of earlier transport infrastructure as well as new commitments and this is hampering long-term development planning.”

 “An integrated public transport plan, which is part of an infrastructure strategy  for Perth, with priority projects assessed for their economic and community return is essential to support development and keep WA growing.” Iacomella said.


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