Industry debunks the myths surrounding DAPS


WA’s planning system is regarded as one of the best in Australia, but calls to scrap Development Assessment Panels could put our state’s development future in jeopardy.

The Property Council has written to every West Australian members of parliament urging the retention of the DAPs system in its current form, detailing how the current system benefits our state and how miss-informed criticism is clouding the bigger issue of some local council’s grossly outdated planning policies.

“The DAP system is a key enabler for the development industry to deliver affordable housing options and spur the economy following the mining downturn,” Property Council WA Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“Since its introduction in 2011, the DAPs system has enhanced planning expertise in decision making by improving the balance between technical advice and local knowledge.

“DAPs have allowed local governments to focus their resources where it counts, on setting their strategic and statutory planning agenda, leaving DAPs to implements those planning policies as approved by each council.”

Last year, 94% of DAPs decisions were in accordance with the recommendations of the relevant local council.

“The DAPs regulations ensure the system can only make informed and impartial decision on an application that has followed due statutory planning processes which includes public consultation,” Iacomella said.

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