Green Growth Plan Shows Shoots of Promise


The Property Council of Australia has cautiously welcomed the draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 Million which will help streamline the environmental approvals process while protecting Perth’s natural habitat.

Although the strategic assessment of the Perth and Peel region has the potential to overcome roadblocks to development created by confusing dual state and federal environmental approvals processes, more work needs to be done to get it right.

“The draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 Million is a positive step in cutting red tape in the Environmental approvals process and will deliver certainty for the property industry,” Property Council WA Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“The industry recognises and supports the role the Green Growth Plan can play in modernising the land-use planning process and environmental protection but the devil is in the detail.”

“The industry is concerned that there are a number of gaps which need to be addressed to ensure that the program is effective and delivers the outcomes it is intended to do.”

“Specifically, the current draft does not contain any remedy for land owners who have land taken away or rendered undevelopable by the created conservation areas. Not having the right to compensation is wholly unfair and punishes land owners who purchased land only to have it taken away.

“The State Government also needs to consider how it will meet the housing needs of Perth’s expected population growth when the Green Growth Plan takes away land previously identified for urban development.”

“If the Government gets this right, they will help unblock some of the roadblocks preventing strategic developments because of inconsistency between State and Federal agencies. The proposed Green Growth Plan can play a key role  in helping the property sector deliver sustainable growth to make Perth a more consolidated, connected and prosperous city.”

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Green Growth Plan Submission
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