DAPs Provide Unbiased Planning Outcomes and Better Development


“Independent Development Assessment Panels (DAPS) have transformed the development process in WA by introducing unbiased and expert assessment of development applications,” said the Property Council of Australia.

“Before DAPs the development assessment process in WA was highly politicised and there was no certainty that complying and innovative development proposals would be fairly assessed for planning approval”, said Joe Lenzo, Property Council WA Executive Director.

“Now we have a modern and independent planning approval process with a mix of unbiased experts and local government representatives.”

“The critics of DAPs are misunderstanding the role of local government elected members in the planning approval process.  Councils should set planning policy that DAPs can base their independent decisions on.

“The real problem is too many outdated and inconsistent local government planning rules.  This was also the finding of a 2015 parliamentary inquiry, which endorsed the role of DAPs.

“Other reviews and studies of the performance of DAPs have consistently endorsed independent panels in WA.

“If WA is to continue growing after the mining investment boom then DAPs are essential to enable the property sector to take on the responsibility of growing the economy through major projects and investment”.      


Media contact:  Joe Lenzo  |  M  0419 044 768  |   E  [email protected]