Commercial Buildings’ Tap into Water Savings

Commercial property owners in Perth have stepped up for the environment having saved more than 60 million litres of water in the latest reporting of the Waterwise Office Program.

The Waterwise office program is a joint initiative of the WaterCorp, City of Perth and the Property Council aimed at introducing water saving initiatives in CBD office towers.

To coincide with World Water Day the Waterwise office program recognition event will celebrate the efforts of all participants, in particularly the two buildings who achieved a platinum rating: 151 Royal St, East Perth and 197 St George’s Terrace, Perth.

“The Waterwise office program has successful changed water usage patterns in commercial office towers, resulting in significant water savings as well as financial savings for the building owners and tenants,” WA Deputy Executive Director Lino Iacomella said.

“The water saving initiatives included fitting water saving devices in bathrooms and common areas, repairing hidden water leaks and investing in new technologies for air cooling and garden reticulation.

“The Waterwise office program is setting an excellent example for the entire commercial office sector and it is our shared objective with the other program partners to provide continuing leadership on sustainable building outcomes.”

Media contact:  Lino Iacomella| M  0417 501 974 |   E  [email protected]