The private sector is ready to support historic social housing package

The Property Council of Australia welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement of an historic social housing package and notes that its members are ready, willing and able to help in the program’s delivery. 
Victorian Interim Executive Director, Matthew Kandelaars, said that the Property Council has long called for significant State Government investment in social and affordable housing. 
“The Property Council’s pre-budget submission advocated for a program in which government and the private sector partner to deliver government funded social housing assets and we are pleased that the Government has delivered,” Mr Kandelaars said. 
“Meaningful investment in social housing, delivered in partnership with the innovation and expertise that the private sector brings, will help to address an urgent need for social housing as well as economic activity and jobs.” 
The Property Council notes the importance of immediate stimulus to kickstart the economy. 
“We encourage innovative delivery techniques – we want to see this program delivered as quickly as possible to get Victorians into work, and into homes,” Mr Kandelaars said.