Property Council welcomes next steps on planning red tape

The Property Council has applauded the Government for releasing the Better Regulation Victoria, Planning and Building Approvals Process Review Discussion Paper acknowledging the outstanding work of Commissioner for Better Regulation, Anna Cronin.

The focus of the review was to eliminate unnecessary planning delays and was welcomed as timely by Property Council of Australia, Victorian Executive Director, Cressida Wall.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Ms Cronin and her team and to have her listen carefully to industry to develop creative solutions to improve planning for all Victorians.”

“The Government’s decision to review this area shows great foresight and we congratulate them for getting to this point.”

“However, the complexity of the planning system and the many bottlenecks in the approvals process has, for too long, impacted housing affordability in this State,” said Ms Wall.

“The simple fact that the discussion paper has identified 27 points in the approvals chain where improvements can be made, is clear evidence of the need to reform the planning system”.

The Property Council of Australia also expressed alarm that the paper discloses avoidable red tape delays are costing Victorian businesses $400-600 million dollars per year.

The Property Council has now called on the Government to take strong and swift action to implement change once the approach outlined in the Discussion Paper is finalised.