Working with local government to plan for record rates of growth

The Property Council has offered support for boosting the resources available to local councils, as industry and all levels of government plan and adapt to Melbourne’s unprecedented population growth.

“Median Melbourne house prices went up by an astounding one third last year. In large part that is because there are 147,000 new Victorians each year and 90 percent will live in greater Melbourne,” said Interim Victorian Executive Director Mike Zorbas.

Planning for sustainable development is a collaborative task, noted Mr Zorbas, and calls for greater efficiency in the local government sector are welcome.

“We need more planned supply to match the growth of our communities. State planning agencies are trying hard but increases in supply and speed to market are needed.

“Shortening local council and utility company planning delays will also help renters and owners save money and find homes sooner.

“Melbourne needs better resources for local council planning, code assessment for complying permits of low complexity and a rewards and penalties system so that government agencies, such as VicRoads, and water and electricity providers are further encouraged to help in the timely delivery of new homes.”

Media contact: Mike Zorbas | M 0434 182 362 | E [email protected]