Victoria needs to plan for good growth, not stifle it

The Property Council of Australia has cautiously welcomed the Victorian Opposition’s announcement that it would establish a Population Commission if elected, provided it is a blueprint for comprehensive infrastructure investment.

Victorian Executive Director, Cressida Wall, urged political leaders to commit to creating great cities for current and future generations of Victorians.

“If the proposed Population Commission is focused on where we need to be as a State and across local communities, then we are supportive.

“However, if it is simply about turning out the lights, it’s a recipe for soaring house prices, a broken property industry and puts thousands of jobs at risk,” said Ms Wall.

The property industry employs 331,000 people in Victoria and is the state’s biggest employer.

“Population targets, decentralisation policies or adjusting migration rates can’t allow us to take our eyes off the main game –  which must be our ability to create great cities for current and future Victorians.

“It’s not the Victorians looking for a home who need fixing; it’s the infrastructure deficits and the planning challenges, that governments need to address urgently,” said Ms Wall.

The Property Council also questioned how the establishment of a Population Commission sits with the Coalition’s announcement in July propose to fast track planning approvals and release 290,000 lots in Victoria’s growth areas by 2020.

The Property Council rejects the notion that Melbourne is ‘jam packed’. Australia’s future rests overwhelmingly with our cities and their ability to become high amenity, high livability engines of our economy.

Victorian families can’t wait for the deliberations of a Population Commission for the homes and communities they need.

With an upcoming State Election, it’s vital that politicians look ahead and show the courage to make tough, long-term decisions to ensure Victoria’s prosperity and livability,” said Ms Wall.

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