Property Council welcomes umpire’s involvement in electricity connection to accelerate housing delivery

The Property Council has welcomed today’s announcement by the Victorian Treasurer that he is reviewing connection delays with the potential regulatory involvement of the Essential Services Commission in mind.

Interim Victorian Executive Director Mike Zorbas said,

“Getting the umpire on the field is most welcome.

“With 12,000 new Victorians each month, every week of delay in delivering new housing adds to costs for the community, buyers and renters.

“Let’s blow the whistle on delays and direct those few recalcitrant utilities out there to ensure timely delivery of connection obligations.”

Mr Zorbas also noted that the Property Council would be advocating for the same timeliness on State Government agency ‘referrals’ for new communities. This would be based on the well-regarded Queensland referral model that was improved to respond to that state’s record population growth some years ago.

“Collaboration between tiers of government, industry and utilities providers is essential to provide greater efficiency in the planning process, and to speed up housing supply.

“We can start with improving and mandating pre-development-assessment lodgment processes for all councils and state agencies, including deemed agency consent when referral responses miss the agreed timeframes,” said Mr Zorbas.

Today’s announcement comes after extensive advocacy by both the Property Council and the UDIA.

Media contact: Mike Zorbas | M 0434 182 362 | E [email protected]