Property Council welcomes Suburban Rail Loop

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement to plan and deliver an underground rail loop to connect Melbourne’s suburbs.

Victorian Executive Director (Acting), Matthew Kandelaars, said that with our population hitting 5 million people this week, and tipped to reach 8 million in coming decades, it is vital that the government delivers the infrastructure Victorians need to support a growing Melbourne.

“We congratulate the Government on taking a long-term view to transport and infrastructure with this announcement, which has enormous potential to create jobs, connect Victorians and to transform communities across our suburbs,” said Mr Kandelaars.

The Government must work with industry and community groups to make the most of this once-in-a-generation opportunity. Cooperation between State and Federal governments is also necessary to plan and deliver this project.

“It is vital that the Government engages with industry early during the planning phase to ensure the benefits of this project are maximised. The property industry is ready, willing and able to assist.

“An evidence-led route is crucial to unlock employment and education precincts and to support a high liveability, high amenity future for Melbourne,” he said.

Media contact: Matthew Kandelaars | M 0416 443 555 |  E [email protected]