Finalisation of Fishermans Bend Framework

Fishermans Bend is a huge opportunity and the Government has made significant progress in this framework with a vision for a liveable city.

Urban renewal is an important way to provide exciting places to live, work and play and Fishermans Bend will contribute significantly to managing growth pressures.

The Property Council praised the Government’s intention to create a thriving and sustainable community and the adoption of ambitious targets for housing, jobs and non-car trips, but urged the Government to provide more information and certainty about the funding to be made available to make this vision a reality.

Victorian Executive Director, Cressida Wall, said: “We acknowledge that the Government has listened to industry on some of the aspects of the way forward but are disappointed that existing applicants will now face further delays and significant costs thrown away.

“We hope that this announcement ends the blame game about Fishermans Bend and that Government will make commitments to major infrastructure to service Fishermans Bend as soon as possible.”

Fishermans Bend is recognised as a vital area for significant jobs growth and increased density that will help address housing shortages arising from Melbourne’s rapidly growing population.

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