Property Council warns planning uncertainty risks housing and jobs

The Property Council of Australia today warned against planning uncertainty and the risk it poses in undermining delivery of desperately-needed housing located near jobs and transport hubs.

Faced with two revocation motions in the Victorian Parliament this week, the Property Council urges the Legislative Council to ensure planning certainty for much-needed higher density projects at transport hubs such as the Ormond Tower over Ormond Railway station and the Markham Estate.

Both these developments have been the subject of extensive consultation and will provide accommodation, retail and commercial spaces – that means jobs and housing served by good transport connections.

Victorian Executive Director Sally Capp said the key to managing population growth in Melbourne and maintaining housing affordability is ‘density done well’ combined with planning certainty.

“It is acknowledged by all stakeholders, that transport hubs and activity centres are prime positions for increased density to provide housing and jobs for our rapidly growing population.

“Higher densities at transport hubs allows more people to purchase or rent housing with good access to amenities and services and mitigates against worsening congestion when people are forced to ‘go out not up’ and travel long distances to work,” said Ms Capp.

The Property Council acknowledges that good consultation creates better outcomes. “We encourage all stakeholders to be actively engaged in the consultation for these significant projects. If we want to generate higher density in our existing suburbs, industry has an important role to play in explaining the benefits for everyone in the surrounding community“, said Ms Capp.

“However, particularly once schemes have been approved, planning uncertainty increases risk and increases costs, directly impacting the provision of housing that is available to satisfy demand at affordable prices,” said Ms Capp.

The Property Council is a proponent of increased housing density near transport and activity hubs because it delivers diverse and affordable housing and jobs.

“This is exactly what the Ormond Railway Station and the Markham Estate projects will deliver; a balance between growth and liveability, said Ms Capp.

“We urge the Victorian Parliament to reject revocation of these two planning amendments to ensure community and industry confidence and delivery of housing and jobs well served by transport”, said Ms Capp.

Media contact: Sally Capp | M 0439 983 693 | E [email protected]

C170: Revocation of Planning Amendment at Ormond Railway Station
This revocation motion lodged by the Shadow Planning Minister, David Davis will be considered in the Legislative Council this week. The revocation is asking members of the Victorian Parliament to oppose the development of Ormond Railway Station Tower above the railway station.

C251: Revocation of the Planning Minister as the Responsible Planning Authority at Markham Estate
This revocation motion lodged by the Shadow Planning Minister, David Davis will also be considered in the Legislative Council this week.

The development of Markham Estate has been debated in public for over 2 years now with housing supply, affordability and jobs suffering from the delays. There has been consultation with all stakeholders and compromises made to achieve an increase in the quality of housing and address the ongoing interests of existing community members whilst creating spaces to share with new community members.

The culmination of these debates and discussions was to make the Minister for Planning the responsible planning authority for the project. This at least brought certainty and confidence that the project would proceed on the scheme that has been agreed.