Property Council rejects further hikes to car parking levy

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed Grattan Institute’s recent study Stuck in Traffic into congestion in Melbourne, but rejects a call to increase the car parking levy.

Victorian Executive Director Sally Capp acknowledged that rapid population growth has placed further pressure on Melbourne’s road and public transport network.

“Victoria is currently experiencing growing pains in many parts of the state, and needs to be strategic about how to preserve liveability, including our transport network.

“The Property Council supports Infrastructure Victoria’s position on Transport Network Pricing, providing the community has access to a range of transport options, including public transport,” said Ms Capp.

However, the Property Council cautions against taxing commuters when parts of the public transport network are already at capacity.

“For congestion pricing measures to be effective, there needs to be real alternatives to private car use,” said Ms Capp.

The Property Council does not support the current car parking levy, and calls on the Government to rule out another tax hike.

“The current car parking levy has been a quick fix over the years to add tax dollars to government coffers yet it does little to reduce congestion.

“Doubling the existing levy to match Sydney’s rate is completely inappropriate for the Melbourne market,” said Ms Capp.

The Property Council is also concerned that an increase in the car parking levy would hurt CBD businesses at a time of major disruption from infrastructure projects underway.

“We want to grow Melbourne’s CBD as a retail and leisure destination.  Another hike in the car parking levy would put a strain on businesses already pressure,” said Ms Capp.

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