Teaching Melbourne to Fish

The Property Council welcomes the release of the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision which will help house Melbourne’s booming population.

 Acting Victorian Executive Director of the Property Council, Asher Judah, said that this Vision provides the link that was missing: a world class sustainability focus.

 “Building consumption makes up half of all current emissions, we need to work harder to set an example” said Mr Judah.

 “The Property Council supports Government’s ambitious sustainability agenda for the Precinct.

 “We have long called for Green Star-Communities rating tool to be used at Fishermans Bend to support sustainable, resilient and liveable communities.

  “It is concerning however that the document intends to take cues from the Central City Built Form Review (C270) as these controls were not written for locations outside the CBD.

 “Fishermans Bend and the CBD are not the same market; the Precinct will not withstand the same hit.

 “If Government wants to attract investment, Fishermans Bend requires its own planning solution, not a mirroring of controls that are completely unsuitable for this Precinct" said Mr Judah.