Good apartment design wins over minimum size

The State Government’s Draft Apartment Design Guidelines strike a fair balance between affordability, amenity and market demand.

The Property Council has been working closely with the Government over the last 18 months and is pleased to see minimum apartment sizes have been ruled out.

Victorian Acting Executive Director of the Property Council, Asher Judah, said minimum apartment size regulations don’t work as bigger doesn’t always mean better.

“Good quality is all about how the space is used,” said Mr Judah.

“While the majority of apartments built over the last decade have been of high quality, there have been a few disappointments.

“The property industry recognises this and has been working hard with all stakeholders to lift standards without comprising affordability and design freedom.

“We believe the proposed Guidelines do a reasonable job at resolving this issue and we’ve given them a seven out of ten.

“Unfortunately, the Guidelines recommend changes to cross ventilation and borrowed light standards which will increase housing costs.

“There are more effective ways to address community concerns without imposing these costly regulations on the market and we will be outlining how that can achieved in our next submission.

“The Property Council will continue to engage with the public on these important issues to ensure the Government strikes a fair balance between amenity and affordability in the final Guidelines.”

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