Better apartments for Victoria 

The Property Council welcomes the State Government’s Better Apartments Design Standards.

Property Council Victorian Executive Director, Sally Capp said these Standards represent good policy that meets the Government’s objectives and set an industry benchmark to ensure quality for the community.

“On balance, this is a workable policy that the Government is to be commended on. Whilst we welcome the Standards, there are still some measures that are too prescriptive such as the minimum balcony requirements.” said Ms Capp.

The Property Council worked closely with the Government to ensure good design, quality, and affordability were equally achieved in the Standards.

“The new setback provisions recognise that each development needs to be assessed on a merits basis and within a local context; we agree that there should not be a one size fits all solution.

“We support Government’s decision to include a snorkel ratio in the Standards as this maintains a quality benchmark while allowing for flexibility in floorplate configuration.

“These Standards show what the Government and industry can achieve when they work together; a better result for the Victorian economy, community and industry.

As with all sector shaping policy, the Property Council believes there may be some teething issues as the Standards are implemented.

“We remain concerned regarding the discretion left to councils to implement the Standards. Education for industry and councils is going to be crucial to ensure that this policy delivers the quality outcomes expected.

“With proper training, we believe that these Standards will empower councils to make better planning decisions regarding the quality of apartment developments. These outcomes will enhance the liveability and affordability of Victoria.

The Property Council encourages the State Government to review the Standards in a year’s time to ensure that the results match the vision.

“We look forward to continuing a constructive working relationship with the Government throughout this process, ensuring that we support Melbourne’s liveability while not compromising on affordability in the apartment market.


Media contact:  Sally Capp | M  0439 983 963 |   E  [email protected]