Property Council calls on parties to back prosperity pipeline

The Property Council has written to Labor leader Rebecca White and Liberal leader Peter Gutwein calling on them to support the Property Council’s bold plan to support the Tasmanian economy.

Property Council of Australia’s Tasmanian Division Executive Director, Rebecca Ellston said the Property Council’s plan would help support the property industry which is a major contributor to Tasmania’s economy.

“Tasmania’s property industry generates $3 billion in economic activity and supports more than 24,000 jobs. If Labor and the Liberals are serious about growing the economy and creating jobs then they need to get behind our plan.

“We stand ready and willing to help the next government build back better and stronger with a strategic vision for Tasmania’s growth.

“Our priorities cover five areas:

  • Streamlining planning processes to drive growth
  • Support infrastructure to drive development
  • Eliminate disproportionate property taxation
  • Population growth to drive economic activity
  • Transport infrastructure

“Our election priorities are a common sense approach and will help Tasmania reach its full potential over the coming years.

“In all there are 16 specific priorities that we have outlined and I have asked both major parties to respond to each of them.

“I look forward to receiving responses from Mr Gutwein and Ms White and I will share those responses with my members and also the public via our website.”

Ms Ellston said the complete priorities document is available on the Property Council website:

Media contact: Rebecca Ellston | 0477 555 227 | [email protected]