Property Council of Australia calls for urgent rates relief

The Tasmanian Executive Director of the Property Council, Brian Wightman, has called on State and Local Governments to consider urgent rates relief in response to the unprecedented Coronavirus.

“The economic shockwave of the Coronavirus is starting to hit the Tasmanian economy.  We need to seriously consider any steps that could help Tasmanians cope with this unprecedented pandemic,” Mr. Wightman said.

“One of our key concerns is rates.  I know several households and businesses in Hobart, for example, received their rates installment bills in the mail today.  With the local economy starting to effectively shut down people simply won’t be able to pay these bills.

“Councils need to understand that business as usual is not an option and simply sending out bills to Tasmanians isn’t a sustainable position in the current circumstances.

“The Property Council is calling for an immediate rates holiday, with the government to pass emergency legislation if necessary, to ensure landlords pass on any rates reduction to tenants.

“We are urging the State Government to immediately meet with the local government sector to work out a way forward and for mayors around the State to show leadership, understanding and compassion.”

Mr. Wightman said the Property Council stands ready to work with local government and the Tasmanian Government in these extraordinary times.

Media contact:  Brian Wightman | M 0429 073 773|  E [email protected]