Hobart City Deal signed

The Property Council of Australia today welcomed a strong plan for the capital city with the signing of the Hobart City Deal. Executive Director, Brian Wightman outlined the Tasmanian Division’s reaction.

“The Property Council has led the charge for City Deals across Australia, facilitating a significant research initiative with Professor Greg Clark to help inform decision making.

“City Deals are all about creating leveraging opportunities for years to come and that is the lens through which the Hobart City Deal should be evaluated.

“The Hobart City Deal has been signed at a significant moment in Hobart’s growth story, which has provided a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

“$25 million for enhancing public transport along the Northern Suburbs transit corridor is welcomed, an initiative clearly outlined in our recent released research document, Removing the regulatory handbrake: Seven steps to fix Tasmania’s housing supply.

“The corridor provides Hobart’s best chance for inner-city residential housing with significant investment required to leverage this essential development.

“More houses for those in need is welcomed, as is the plan to speed-up re-zoning and precinct planning, which should hasten housing supply.

However, emergency and crisis accommodation, which is the responsibility of the state government in partnership with private operators, should not be confused with affordable housing, which is delivered when the supply chain, including developers and investors, is streamlined, efficient, buoyant and confident,” he said.

Mr Wightman acknowledged the importance of strategic planning, welcoming the joint signing of the document along with the proposed City Act, and the identification of City Deal Partners to consider population growth and implementation.  

“City Deals work most effectively when they engage all levels of government. This has clearly been achieved through today’s signing with three of the largest councils in Tasmania joining state and federal governments, presenting a united voice.

"The Hobart City Act has been discussed for many years in a variety of different guises. The need to bring our city together in governance and planning terms has been advocated by many industry bodies for a significant period.  It is pleasing to note that the Hobart City Deal has delivered this much needed structure for forward thinking,” he said.

The Property Council of Australia also acknowledged investment in traffic congestion measures, investment in the Airport, and a continuing commitment to Antarctic science and research through a precinct at Macquarie Point.