Progress on TasWater

The Property Council of Australia today cautiously welcomed the progress of negotiations in a bid to improve service delivery and governance arrangements for TasWater.

“The Tasmanian Division has been a resilient and determined advocate for the creation of a TasWater Government Business Enterprise.

“And while today’s announcement doesn’t deliver in full, we are pleased that negotiation and incremental improvements are now front and centre of the debate,” said Brian Wightman, Executive Director TAS of the Property Council of Australia.

Mr. Wightman said there would be several key performance indicators that the Tasmanian Division would be looking for the new arrangements to deliver.

“There must be a more effective mechanism for the public to express concern should they have a problem with TasWater.

“There must be improved governance arrangements and accountability.

“There must be an increase in the number of water treatment plants that are deemed environmentally compliant.

“There must be additional capital delivered to aid infrastructure improvement which has been dramatically underfunded for far too long.

“And there must be consideration and discussion regarding the economic impact of future of low-growth council areas who rely heavily on dividends to underpin balance sheets,” he said.

Mr. Wightman reiterated that we would like to see infrastructure issues such as the Launceston Combined System and Macquarie Point progressed quickly.

“With City Deals at either end of the State, we are in a fortunate position to plan for our cities futures, whilst also lobbying for Federal money to achieve our objectives,” he said.

Mr. Wightman concluded that he looked forward to working with the State Government, the Opposition, the Legislative Council and the Local Government sector to progress the proposed reforms.