Increasing housing supply

The Property Council welcomed discussion and debate regarding housing supply off the back of March 2018 building approvals released today.

Executive Director TAS, Brian Wightman said that we must find ways to hasten supply as a matter of urgency.

“We have a housing affordability and supply problem in Tasmania yet building approvals are down year on year to March 2018.

“The substantial delays and onerous requirements for the necessary approvals beyond the planning permit are having a substantial impact.

“The delays in processing detailed subdivision design and building permits are affecting the supply of housing into the market and driving up prices through increased costs to developers which flow on into land and housing prices.

“Development applications should trigger a referral process which allows TasWater, TasNetworks NBN Co. and the Land Titles Office to forward plan their work schedules to avoid design delays and supply problems which our members currently experience,” he said.

The Property Council said that the State Government should take responsibility for housing supply through legislating for regulatory timeframes.

“The State Government should amend the Local Government and Building Acts to restrict the maximum approval time for post planning Building and Subdivision Approvals to the same 42 days as planning applications or be deemed approved,” Mr Wightman said.

The Property Council expressed their support for new houses being added to the Housing Tasmania stock, providing support for vulnerable members of our community whilst also stimulating the building and construction industry at the same time.

“Tasmanians require a variety of housing options at different points in their lives.

“Inner-city residential development should occur to offer diversity to the market.  This will only eventuate if investment is made simple and cost effective with the finalisation of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme of paramount importance,” he said.