Why the need to rush?

The Property Council today called upon the Hobart City Council to not rush amendments to the Interim Planning Scheme.

“Why the need to rush?

“The Hobart City Council has engaged Mr. Woolley to complete a second report regarding height.  Why not allow the time for this to be completed in a thorough manner and put out for public comment before making a decision either way?” said Executive Director Brian Wightman.

Mr. Wightman asked for Alderman to provide the evidence based solutions that they were using to make statements based upon height.

“The Tasmanian Division looks forward to the release of the evidence including the economic modelling underpinning the comments of some Alderman.

“We also look forward to them explaining how an absolute limit of 45 metres without discretion will impact potential investment such as affordable housing, student accommodation, inner-city residential living, a research precinct and/or further extensions to the hospital in the future.

“Considering K block at the Royal Hospital has already been approved at approximately 68 metres, how does an absolute maximum limit of 45 metres without discretion make any sense at all?” he said

Mr. Wightman said that the decision of the Hobart City Council to make amendments to the Interim Scheme appeared political rather than strategic.

“The Hobart City Council is reacting, not leading.  They should wait for the second report to be tabled and considered prior to deeming any suggestions worthy of amendment,” he said.

The Tasmanian Division said that continued community debate and public meetings regarding building height further showcased the reasons why Joint Development Assessment Panels must be legislated by the State Government as a matter of urgency.