TasWater faces significant challenges to bring water and sewerage infrastructure up to scratch in Tasmania.

Councils’ legacy is a history of under-investment, and with TasWater struggling to find the reform funds required, it is essential that the State Government brings together all levels of government.

The Property Council urges all stakeholders to work together to ensure that major developments across the state are not stifled by a lack of willingness to negotiate.

Tasmania is experiencing a property boom which is creating a more prosperous state.

It would be extremely disappointing if suitable solutions to issues that developers and investors encounter on a daily basis could not be found.

MONA is one of Tasmania’s most important tourist destinations.

The MONA dilemma is a clear example of the level of frustration developers and investors face.

If the permit conditions have changed since the Expressions of Interest process was concluded, then with an administrator in place at Glenorchy City Council, it presents the perfect opportunity to resolve the matter.

It is vitally important that the Administrator, the State Government and TasWater work together to deliver a practical solution that ensures one of our major tourist attractions continues to invest and provide a range of exciting new accomodation options.