Enough is enough

The Property Council today urged the public to strongly voice their concerns regarding the ability of a small heritage group to stifle much needed development and investment in Launceston.

“It beggars belief that an appeal would be launched against the sympathetic development of the CH Smith site.

“Not only have investors worked closely and methodically to gain the support and approval of the Tasmanian Heritage Council, they have engaged the community in selling their vision,” said Brian Wightman, Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia.

Mr. Wightman highlighted the challenges that developers encounter daily in Tasmania.

“The ridiculous nature of this appeal, ostensibly based upon a floor level highlights the challenges and strategically planned inertia, that if left unchallenged will paralyze our city.  A city which has a once in generation opportunity to deliver continuous economic growth underpinned by education, property, tourism and hospitality,” he said.

The Property Council encouraged the State Government to recommit to tightening third party appeal legislation promised at the last State Election.

“Do we need a better example?

“The appeal process may take more than three months to resolve and cost the investors tens of thousands of dollars,” Mr. Wightman concluded.