CEDA report a wake-up call on housing affordability.

The Property Council of Australia today welcomed the release of the CEDA Housing Affordability Report and said that there were lessons to be learned in Tasmania.

“The CEDA Report is a wake-up call on housing affordability.  All levels of government in Tasmania must act in a coordinated and strategic way to plan for population growth and the supply of a variety of housing options to the market,” said Executive Director Brian Wightman.

The Tasmanian Division acknowledged some of the initiatives of the State Government aimed at addressing housing affordability.

“An audit of crown land is an excellent initiative, this should be completed quickly and viable land released without delay.

“The First Home Builders Grant also provides a competitive edge for Tasmania and the criteria should be extended to include new residents who have never built a home in the state before,” he said.

The Property Council encouraged the State Government to coordinate the finalisation of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme and deliver development incentivisation to drive housing affordability.

“The Tasmanian Division has been a strong supporter of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

“Councils must now be coordinated to deliver on the final stage of the process, the completion of local provision schedules.  The $300,000 promised in the recent state budget should be used to project manage the process.

“The Launceston City Deal and potential Hobart City Deal underpinned by education investment must also deliver continuous economic growth.  To ensure this occurs, all levels of government must incentivise investment with a key priority the development of a range of housing and accommodation options,” he said.